We are reality+
We help global brands design, develop and publish engaging Web2, Web3 and Metaverse experiences that go beyond reality.

We turn the ordinary into the extraordinary using our knowledge and expertise, creating experiences that bring big brands and their customers closer together.
Leveraging the latest blockchain technology, we offer partners the accessibility of Web2 with the functionality of Web3, all running on our very own flexible, inter-connected platform.


Doctor Who:Worlds Apart
Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an officially licensed trading card game, that puts the Whoniverse in your hands. A fast-paced, fun-filled experience that allows you to outsmart and outwit your opponents, just like The Doctor would, you can face off to win World Clashes and achieve cosmic glory.
Built on the Hedera blockchain, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart features tradeable digital assets that give players the chance to truly own part of the Whoniverse. Utilising our hand-drawn cart art and detailed, 3D frames inspired by the show, players can unlock truly unique assets that can be sold on our Marketplace.

Top Gear &The Sandbox
Partnering with BBC Studios, the Top Gear Sandbox Experience transports players to The Stigverse to explore the chaos of ‘The Gits’ — a bunch of Stig clones gone wrong!
So now it’s up to intrepid players to explore the experience and see if they can Save The Stigverse! With challenges galore, and Top Gear crew to guide you through, it showcases the power of the Metaverse for immersive brand experiences.


The R+ Platform
A flexible, inter-connected platform built to bring together the worlds of Web2 and Web3 seamlessly for brands. The R+ Platform give true ‘plug and play’ functionality, allowing you to choose the bits you need for your project.
It features: NFT creation, storefronts and NFT marketplace, smart contracts, built-in Hedera wallets, worldwide payments, fiat & Token on/off ramps, Wallet Connect for secure transfers, a full CMS and backend analytics, and much more.