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December 16, 2021

How RGG is Leading the Conversation on Blockchain Sustainability

In an increasingly globalized world, sustainability has become a key focus for many companies who want to do their part in finding innovative ways to help the environment. This is even more true for companies that integrate blockchain technology, where the spectre of Bitcoin mining and Proof-of-Work systems weigh heavily on the perceptions of the industry. 

The crypto world has already slowly shifted towards a more ecological and sustainable direction in 2021, but at Reality Gaming Group, we’re always eager to stay in front of the pack. As we work with global brands and products, we’ve already had a lot of experience developing strategies that fit in with, and even exceed the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability guidelines of those brands. But sustainability is more than just about ticking a checklist; it’s about making real changes that not only cover our own carbon usage, but make an overall positive impact on the world we live in.

In order to achieve sustainability on a wider scale, it is important to take into account three pillars: social equity, environmental protection, and economic growth. With that in mind, we at Reality Gaming Group are exploring a whole array of possibilities that enable us, alongside our partners, to operate in more sustainable ways to help protect the environment, become greener, and form a more ethical global economy en masse. 

Since 2018, there has been an increasing demand for Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) initiatives that contribute to improving environmental sustainability. We have made it a key focus of our company to apply our vast knowledge of blockchain technology to uphold this vision and support regenerative projects that match our company values and help reduce the global carbon footprint. 

We are really excited to introduce you to a new initiative that we have recently launched with ReFeed Farms, a sustainable food systems developer based in Canada that combines their zero-waste AgriFood solutions with our expertise in streamlining blockchain systems to form a new and innovative way that food waste can be converted into clean fertilizer.

This new concept is a carbon offset model that utilizes ReFeed’s vertical worm bed infrastructure to act as a bioconversion engine that con food waste into biofriendly dense castings. The worms essentially consume food waste and form castings that can later be used to replace synthetic fertilizers and replenish the soil, making the end product a natural fertilizer solution. Once utilized, the natural fertilizer has many positive impacts on the environment that includes healthier soil, a sustainable way to convert food waste, cleaner water because no chemicals are being used, and an increase in biomass that will be produced through the use of the end product. 

Companies can invest in this initiative by purchasing eNFTs that will increase their ESG sustainability scores in a transparent way using our blockchain system that has been custom made to facilitate this process. There will be a total of 5210 ReFeed Farms eNFTs available, each one representing roughly 10,000 worms at the ReFeed Farm in British Columbia. The first drop of 640 eNFTs is planned for December 2021, and the completed project is expected to divert and bioconvert over 7,500,000 lb of food waste otherwise destined for composts and landfills making it a high impact initiative that we are especially proud to be a part of. 

As a leading blockchain distribution platform for AAA brands, finding solutions that enable and promote higher levels of environmental sustainability is a core value at the centre of our outlook and business model. This initiative that we have just started with ReFeed farms is truly representative of that and is just the beginning of a whole selection of projects we are working on with other companies that uphold the same values. 

Sustainability has to move beyond simply promising to plant a few trees and calling it a day. When we work with partners, we work to tailor our sustainability strategy around their own brands and objectives, while keeping a single unified brand voice and quality. Initiatives like this are just the early stages of our commitment to the planet. We believe that through clever integrations, platforms and integration with blockchain technology, we can develop lasting differences to communities around the world. At Reality, we’re not just happy to follow behind the technological changes happening in the blockchain industry, and we’re not going to accept the myth that you can’t have a successful commercial project and make the planet a nicer place to live at the same time.

To find out more about or to discuss ways that your company can be part of the solution, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

About ReFeed Farms

ReFeed Canada was founded with the mission of fixing a broken feed system that sees over 50% of produced food go to waste while millions experience ongoing food insecurity. The Circular Nutrition™ model is the core of ReFeed Canada’s vision. Unlike conventional linear approaches which simply dispose of unused food into composts and landfills, ReFeed’s Circular Nutrition™ is a modular, multi-step process that extracts 100% utility from unused food and food waste.

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