The emerging world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has revolutionized the concept of ownership and authenticity in the digital realm. By tokenizing unique digital assets, like digital art and collectibles, NFTs create a sense of rarity and exclusivity in a previously abundant medium.

The NFT marketplace offers brands a platform to own, trade and monetize these unique assets while catering to their specific audience. However, keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the Web3 and NFT markets can be challenging.

That’s where we come in. As a full-service Web 3.0 platform, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the intricate world of NFTs. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the NFT space, ensuring that none of our clients get left behind. With our rigorous curation processes, we prioritize the tokenization of unique assets, ensuring quality and authenticity on our marketplaces.

While digital art ignited the NFT movement, its potential applications extend beyond the realm of artistic expression. NFTs have become a new paradigm for collectibles and unique assets, enabling tokenization, trading, and ownership with authenticity and certainty. 

However, the true potential of NFTs lies in their utility, granting users access to exclusive experiences. Our digital trading card game The Doctor Who: Worlds Apart exemplifies how NFTs have the power to combine collectability with utility, opening new opportunities for gamers and collectors alike. By tokenizing assetsNFTs facilitate secure and transparent assets exchangefostering a more efficient and equitable marketplace.

Here’s how.

1. We work with the largest brands in the world

The NFT market and Web3 moves much faster than traditional media.

We live and breathe the NFT market at Reality+, constantly innovating and working with new trends so you can be sure you won’t get left behind.

2. Tap into brand loyalty like never before

The digital art scene was the genesis of the NFT movement, but in 2022 it’s become so much more.

NFTs can help you cultivate a true, lasting community of owners that can stand the test of time and generate brand new revenue streams.

3. Discover powerful utility

The best NFT projects combine collectability with utility allowing users to access unique experiences.

Our digital trading card game, Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, uses NFTs that enable players to buy and sell cards that get used in the game. Anything a digital file can do, an NFT can do, too!

4. Governance, Metaverse and More

We don’t just ‘tokenise’ your existing assets, we work with you to craft a long-term roadmap.

Your NFTs then become the membership card or the loyalty scheme of the next generation, granting fans access to anything from your VIP metaverse to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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“In the next two to five years you won’t survive if you don’t have an NFT strategy. Every business is going to have a strategy revolved around NFTs, the same way they have social media strategies today.”

-License Global Magazine

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