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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an officially licensed free to play collectible trading card game based on the iconic television franchise Doctor Who that has been broadcasted by the BBC since 1963. It was launched in partnership with BBC Studios using blockchain technology to enable passionate Whovians from around the World to step into the Whoniverse to collect, battle, trade and engage with passionate Whovians from around the world.


Stepping into the world of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart allows you to collect and trade officially licenced trading cards featuring exclusive artwork from Doctors, companions and more with unique frames from our store through Doctor Who themed tokenised packs, our latest new feature, or via our secondary marketplace, where each card is an NFT with it’s own unique serial number.


Build your deck according to your unique playing style, whether it be attacking, defensive or balanced, using 68 free playable game cards to unleash in intense player vs. player battles..


Every Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card that you purchase in packs or through our marketplace is yours to own giving you a sense of ownership in the Doctor Who Universe, a core tenant of blockchain technology, and can be traded with other collectors and players or sold through our marketplace.


Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is more than a game. It is a community which enables passionate fans and gamers to enter into our community via Discord and engage with other passionate Whovians from around the world to express their Doctor Who fandom, discuss their gameplay strategy, take part in epic tournaments and so much more.

Whether you’re a long-term fan of the Doctor Who franchise, passionate about gaming or a Web 3 enthusiast, starting your journey with Doctor Who Worlds: Apart is seamless and set up for mainstream adoption allowing for people to sign up with simply an email address. There’s no need for collectors or players to have any crypto or blockchain experience. +Chain which is our bespoke ‘side-chain’ a fork of Ethereum that uses zero gas fees takes all the pain and friction away from collectors and players.